12 May 2013 11:44

Stop, drop, and see if I give a shit.





Wow, does she even speak Chinese?

“Chang” is one of the most common last names in the Chinese language - it is the Wades-Giles romanisation of the word 张 or 張. It could also be the Wades-Giles romanisation of the word 章, although this last name is less common. It could also be the pinyin of the word 常, although this too is a less common last name. This would hold true for the Cantonese and Mandarin pronounciations of the words too, although “Cheung” would also work for Cantonese. The author of the very famous books “Wild Swans” and “Mao: The Untold Story” is named Jung Chang, for example, and I can assure you that she is definitely Chinese. In fact, according to a survey, there are 88 million people in China surnamed 张 alone, and I haven’t even taken into account the other two. But I’m sure that they are all secretly Korean. 

“Cho” could be multiple different words in both Cantonese and Mandarin. In Mandarin, it could be 周, or any one of the multiple words


with the same pronounciation shown above, which using romanisations other than pinyin, could translate to ‘cho’. It could also be the romanisation of the Cantonese word 秋, which is what was used in the Mandarin translations of the Harry Potter films. There are multiple other Cantonese words which could be translated to “Cho” in English.

Yes, “Cho” and “Chang” are both Korean last names - but they can also be Chinese names. It’s like calling an American character “Kim Lee” and complaining that her name is made up of Korean last names: yes, it is, but “Kim” and “Lee” are also English names.

Anyone who speaks even a little bit of Chinese would know this, so either the lovely lady in the gifset doesn’t speak a word of it, or does, but is deliberately using misleading facts in order to portray J K Rowling as racist.

What a pathetic attempt. 


Do not belittle this incredibly powerful piece of spoken word just because of one poorly communicated verse.

Go watch the FULL original here and her humble response to her critics here (where she apologizes for her mistake with the name and explains where her intent was miscommunicated). Both contain very important insights into how race is portrayed in popular media.

Don’t dismiss this video just because it criticizes something you love. She does not hate Harry Potter, in fact she loves it. But it is important to examine the things we love critically so that we can make things better in the future.

Yes, actually, I will point out incorrect criticisms that I come across on my dashboard. I’m sure the rest of her video is fantastic; unfortunately, I can’t access them because I live in, er, China, and youtube is blocked. 

Where did I say I was “belittling her entire video”? I’m only responding to the post - that is, the gif set - and not once did I mention anything about the rest of her video.

Did you even read the post? I’ve not dismissed the whole video because I love Harry Potter - I’ve dismissed this particular passage because I speak Chinese, and know what she’s saying is complete bullshit. The fact that it’s about Harry Potter is completely irrelevant: I would make the exact same response if it was about, say, Lord of the Rings, which I’ve neither read or watched. If she says something factually incorrect, then she will be criticised. In fact, I’ll say the same thing to you as you’ve said to me: it is important to examine the things we love critically. In your case, it’s your precious angel baby gif set lady. 

Your hypocrisy is astounding. 

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