16 Jun 2013 21:27

This is Thin Privilege

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Thin Privilege is being certain you can spew some bullshit about how obesity isn’t genetic and then get affronted when a geneticist calls you on it and brings up heredity. Then, you can’t defend your fatphobic claims beyond some incredibly shortsighted ramblings about giving ten year olds beer (Europe would like to know why that’s a big deal) so you fall back on repeatedly asking why it’s such a personal topic for me in the hopes of getting me to break down. 

(This happened to me. I’m the geneticist. The thin-privileged person is a life coach). 

Please. I’ve walked around fat my entire life. I’ve dared to exist in public as a Fat Woman! I have the skin of a dragon, your little transparent diet pop psychology isn’t going to get me to break down and beg for your help in teaching me how my body is an abomination and must be purged for the sake of everyone else’s delicate eyeballs.

You so badly need to convince yourself that your hand in life was from yanking up your bootstraps and not how God shuffled the deck. Try living your life for yourself and not measuring it by someone else’s life, because there is always someone better at something, thinner, or more knowledgable than you.

Oh and “Life Coach:” Calories in = Calories out, I get it, you made it through the second day of physics but failed biology. Try something new.

(submitted by anon)

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