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The matriarchy, however, IS A TOTALLY REAL THING GUISE.

Don't forget that skinny people conspire to keep fat people in their place.

Fat people don't move around much so it's not hard to keep them in their place.

Scoff scoff, skinny people don't put fat people down! How ridiculous! -2 seconds later- HA HA FAT PEOPLE!


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I almost can't stand the doublethink. They might as well just state it outright:

"We know exactly what we're doing, implicitly, but we can disavow that forever - no matter how blatant it is. We can keep hurting people and none of us is ever going to get a comeuppance. We all have one another's backs. By the time you make a sliver of progress where common humanity is concerned, we'll be on our deathbeds, regretting nothing, and dying with a smile while our successors hurt new people in new ways."

[–]BRDtheist[witty flair] 5 points6 points ago

... that was super-depressing haha :(

[–]KyriarchyEleisonThe Archduchess 3 points4 points ago

... i know :(

believe me, i know

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Someone's jimmies are really rustled that we exist.

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Patriarchy is perhaps the most straw-manned and misrepresented concept of feminism. Well, other than, you know, the rest of feminism.

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Wait, you mean I went out and got this robe and learned this secret handshake for nothing?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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What am I going to do with all these candles and Latin codices?

[–]DannyMcGeekYou are not machines! You are not cattle! You are BRDs! 6 points7 points ago

[–]celtic_thistleno logic only mantrums 6 points7 points ago

Gotta love the d00dz in that thread who say feminists make them violent and glad they don't own guns.


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That whole thread had me laughing this morning. Half of the things that people are putting out as "conspiracy theories" are actually definitely true. It's like anything that's too complicated for them to grasp immediately, must be a made up conspiracy theory!

Especially things like global cooling in the 70's, the ozone hole, or Y2K. Those were not conspiracies. Those were real problems that we as a society went to great lengths to fix.

[–]KyriarchyEleisonThe Archduchess 2 points3 points ago

I get the ozone hole and Y2K things but global cooling? O.o

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It got way overblown in the media, but in the scientific literature there was concern expressed that if we continued to spew pollution the way we were, we'd experience cooling because the particles in the atmosphere reflected solar radiation away from earth's surface. It's actually quite likely the reason why global warming didn't "start" until the 70's even though we'd been burning ridiculous amounts of fossil fuels since the 1860's is because it wasn't until the 1970's with the Clean Air Act that we started worrying about air quality and stopped throwing so many particulates into the atmosphere. The particulates had been counteracting the greenhouse gases. When we cleaned up our air, all of the radiation that the particles had been blocking started reaching earth's surface.

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[What is the funniest conspiracy theory?] "According to Tumblr, men worldwide are dedicated to keeping women at the bottom of society and perpetuating the patriarchy." [+29]

At 2013-12-05 14:44:19 UTC, /u/BatmansProstate replied to "What is the funniest conspiracy theory." [+25 points: +43, -18]:

According to Tumblr, men worldwide are dedicated to keeping women at the bottom of society and perpetuating the patriarchy.


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