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That guy, plus another several hundred handfuls of them who learned about relationships from Super Mario's storyline.

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"This is why I need feminism." [+6] "Yes, because one guy is a good judge for all of society." [+17]

In reply to /u/Moxz on "This guy is a real piece of work.":

This is why I need feminism.

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Yes, because one guy is a good judge for all of society.


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Riiiiiight because, by being a feminist, you're totes judging all men. How did "this is why I need feminism" evoke that response, unless he's a sexist too? Maybe she is interested in finding a man who understands feminism and is wise enough to not put a girl in that position. She didn't make a blanket statement about men. Smh. Any reason to degrade feminism.