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Looks like the account was banned/deleted as well, according to his page.

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We are aware that user is no longer a problem, but someone else could choose to do the same or the same user might get around the ban. We just want everyone to be aware there is a risk until Saturday :)

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Oh I know! I was just saying it looks like the admins deleted that specific account. Everyone should still be on watch, yeah.

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Hahaha - glad to see that. He went on in a PM to me about how inept reporting him would be since he wouldn't get banned by reddit. lol

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Yep, did the same to me.

"mods cant do nothin since im already banned fagit"

I lol'd.

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Me too! Seeing that he got banned made my day.

I'm wondering where are all of the sockpuppet accounts he bragged about. Fail-troll? xD

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And so he stood for eternity, wondering whether his conquest to be a pathetic gopher worked out or not.

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Thanks to everyone who has been so hyper vigilant in watching out for spoilers for the rest of us. Particularly anyone who had to get spoiled in the process.

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Damnit. I want the spoilers.

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Thanks! I don't want to read it before I watch the episode, but I've saved the post so I can check on Saturday night to see if it was right.

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It just made me even more excited for the finale.

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me too!

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I'd like to emphasize the spoiler spammers on twitter, facebook, reddit, and etc ...

  1. Have highly questionable validity.

  2. Can't spoil the whole thing in a few sentences. Even if one read every spoiler to be found, the finale and 50th will not be completely ruined for that individual.

  3. Are not heavily invested in the show or committed fans. They're in it for the lulz; the shits n giggles.

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Hey just a heads up, I got a message from user ThebigNC (I think that was it, I reported them before writing this, which I now regret because I can't find the name) where the spoilers were in the title, the message text was "I'm back" so I presume it's the same person. Just a heads up, people are definitely still trolling.

EDIT: ah, they commented lower down on the thread, so I don't even have to look.

(just to clarify, because I realize I worded this in a confusing manner, TheBigNC definitely messaged me a spoiler, I just wasn't sure if I was spelling it correctly. But then they commented on this very thread, so now I know I spelled it right)

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Since my memory was completely failing me when i wanted to quote Strax's name earlier today, i decided to open Wikipedia's entry for Sontaran. I was greeted by a crude-looking huge paragraph of text mentioning possible spoilers.

Thankfully i instinctively ignored most of the text after noticing the obvious defacement and the signature by the gay niggers association whatever whatever that troll group it is, so i don't really know what it says.

It was back to normal when i refreshed the page.

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New user trying to send spoilers

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Bull. He appropriately tagged his spoilers and everything else he posted is intentionally, blatantly wrong.

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At least he tags it!