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Chances are that woman has terrible issues dealing with her sexuality and bolstering her self-esteem. Of course, instead of being mad at our heteronormative society that pressures people into hiding their gender and sexual identities, Reddit gets mad at the woman. Go fucking figure. Gay guys do the same thing all of the time in high school. This is not a new phenomenon.

I also love how Reddit has a no-tolerance policy when women, PoC, and LGBT people make mistakes, but if a dude rapes someone it becomes: "She should have spoken up more. Maybe he was just having a bad day."

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or when someone beats their girlfriend.. 'maybe he has a brain tumor!!'

that actually happened on reddit. ffs

[–]kirbysgreengreensHumorless PC Crusader 5 points6 points ago

Or even just straight up "I can see why he beat her," as we saw not too long ago here. Context only matters when you're a straight, white, cis guy. If you don't fit into all of those categories, prepare to be crucified by these people eventually. You always deserve whatever happens to you. Always.

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I've somehow only come to really realize this in the past couple of days despite the fact that I think I just crossed my 6 month mark on reddit.

It just comes down to a lack of empathy. They'll go to ridiculous lengths to defend dudes who look like them because they feel like they're defending themselves, but yeah they will crucify you if you're not exactly like them.

[–]kirbysgreengreensHumorless PC Crusader 1 point2 points ago

Yeah, they will always find ways to claim that you warrant terrible things happening to you. Kicked in the face while handcuffed and on the ground? Nah, that's not police brutality, she was just a slur who deserved it. Girl spits on you? Sure, why not respond with completely inappropriate amounts of force? She was a woman who disrespected you, after all. Gay guy flirts with you and you don't like it? Be sure to beat him and humiliate him in front of everyone else. Don't want to lose your man card.

It gets old so quickly. They live in such a black-and-white universe where everyone but them deserve cruel and unusual punishment. But we're the hate group in this context.

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Oh I actually cried once after reading a thread where someone talked about actually knocking out a gay kid who slapped him on the ass in a locker room. They all went off about how the slap was sexual harassment and while the force might have been a little bit excessive since he actually got knocked unconscious, punching him was completely warranted. And how the guy who did the punching was the real victim because now everyone will think he's a homophobe, when really he was just a victim of sexual harassment.

That was well before I found the Fempire, I'm guessing that showed up here and I wouldn't have been crying alone. :(

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An mra that hates lesbians? How rare!

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"If she turns out to actually be a lesbian, then it's 100% definitive that she's a complete bitch for doing this." [+179]

In reply to /u/ktbug1987 on "I couldn't sleep last night...":

EDIT: thanks for the gold, kind reddit stranger! I have never had gold before!

That's what I am curious about. Maybe read private messages to someone revealing this?

Also, unless it's 100% definitive that she is a complete bitch (she said "I don't even like this guy but he's a convenient doormat" more or less), I would encourage OP to talk to gf. She probably cares for him at the very least. As a bi woman who was sexually hurt in HS because of her sexuality (on mere suspicion of being a "dyke"---grew up in the Bible Belt) I became both uneasy in intimate relationships with men, and closeted in college. It led to a lot of issues with my now-husband and is something that took a lot of work and confusing stuff to get through. We broke up, I dated chicks, we got back together, we abstained, we had sex. Blah blah. He was really patient with me. Not to give you hope that if she is a lesbian she will magically be bisexual (not likely). But if she has been hurt in the past and sort of found herself here without bad intentions but now is remaining cuz she's too scared... I dunno. Just felt like offering the perspective of "maybe she is human" since most people are "what a bitch".

At 2013-12-04 14:02:32 UTC, /u/EatsTinyBaldBabies wrote [+184 points: +371, -187]:

If she turns out to actually be a lesbian, then it's 100% definitive that she's a complete bitch for doing this.

The rest of it is irrelevant. Your issues do not entitle you to treat other people like shit. They do not justify your exploitation of another human being with thoughts and feelings of their own.

Bad people are simply people who do bad things. Everyone thinks that they have a good reason. Nobody really does.


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