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[–]zorreXanti-cishet-dude cishet-dude 3 points4 points ago

Men clearly have done very little research about sports and records and whatnot. Currently men are better than women at sports, because they have a few DECADES of a jump start at physically preparing and practicing these sports. Women have only been prevalent in sports for half the time men have. In fact, if you look at world records, women, across multiple sports, average around 35 years behind men's records.

So, if you think about it, women are actually BETTER at sports because they're improving themselves at a FASTER RATE than men ever did.

But I mean, facts and stuff, right?

[–]eth3n 1 point2 points ago

Curious. What sports are you talking about specifically? You know, your facts and stuff. Also, I assume in your facts and stuff you found something that demonstrates females are improving faster than males historically, because otherwise I couldn't discern how you would come to your conclusion.

Assuming you have found such facts and stuff demonstrating woman improving faster than men over time, I still don't understand your argument extrapolating improvement rate versus skill (being "better"). Do you assume the skill curve for females is linear and that they will keep improving at the rates you allege until they surpass males? Doesn't it make more sense that such a curve would be reversely exponential? In the alternative, do you think that given enough time, males and females will be of the same skill level? How do you qualify ignoring easily discernible physiological differences between the sexes that would account for different levels of physical fitness and athleticism, (e.g. hemoglobin levels, adaptive heart size increases are smaller relative to men, etc.) and what allows for females to allegedly overcome these apparent physiological advantages?

Also, did you consider confounding factors such as newer technology and training regimes that males didn't have access to 35 years ago that might explain the difference in improvement, among myriad other factors?

Ugh, I've written too much. Your response to the shit made me dive into the shit. 8(

[–]underscore3 0 points1 point ago

To be fair some of the faster gains attributed to their being preexisting methods of improvement. For example when men first started playing basketball there was no proper form for shooting a jump shot but when women did there was so of course women are going to become better shooters faster relative to when they started playing the sport. Also men have higher testosterone then women in most cases and that leads naturally to more muscle mass and faster recovery meaning the male athlete will tend to get more out of a work out and recover faster. Obviously this is different for each individual I know women that are stronger then me but speaking with elite of the elite sports that are dependent on physicality will be male dominated for the foreseeable future.

[–]swindlerrzz 0 points1 point ago

I think a bigger reason is that historically sport has been only something men could participate in so naturally sport has relied on traits that are more common and/or stronger in men. The concept of sport has not changed much since it became socially/legally acceptable for women to participate, so women cannot compete on average to the same degree as men because all of sport was designed with masculine physiology in mind.

People seem to get the casual relationship backwards when they say "women are biologically not as good as sports" as if sports as they currently exist are a given. It is more accurate to say sports are culturally not as reliant on "feminine qualities."

I don't understand who they think they've proven wrong by showing that the top woman tennis players can be beaten by much lower ranked men. No one that I know of except straw-feminists is arguing that there's no sexual dismorphism in humans that leads to differences in 'athletic performance.'

The OP should have said "Checkmate women: We beat you at a game that was designed to favor us' and I guess the response to that would be: "Congratulations?"

[–]AzizAnstarmie -1 points0 points ago

The amount of effort that goes into pushing humans farther and farther for sports is nuts. The stuff at the bleeding edge does benefit everyone else eventually so I guess its a good thing.