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Skeletal Myoblasts

Skeletal muscle is an important site of insulin-stimulated glucose disposal and often the site of insulin resistance in obesity. Human primary cultured skeletal myoblasts can directly reflect a patient's metabolic phenotype, because many of the signaling pathways are maintained intact. ZenBio offers human primary skeletal myoblasts from a variety of donors, including obese donors with Type 2 diabetes.

Human skeletal myoblasts satellite cells are isolated from the rectus abdominus of patients with good representation from all levels of adiposity and age. Skeletal myoblasts are available from both male and female donors. Pooled lots of cells are available to provide large lots for screening and to decrease issues with patient to patient variability.

Cells are available cryopreserved (500,000 cells/vial).

QUALITY CONTROL: All cells have been tested for myotube differentiation. Cells have tested negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLC-1, HTLV-2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and mycoplasma. Human skeletal myoblast are differentiated using Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Medium (cat# SKM-D) for at least 6 days. Myogenic differentiation was verified by immunohistochemical staining using antibodies to desmin and myosin. The differentiated myocytes also respond to insulin stimulated glucose uptake.

Specially formulated media are available for maintenance and differentiation of our adult skeletal myoblasts.

Skeletal Myocytes Skeletal Myocytes
Human skeletal myocytes in culture

Ordering Information:

Cryopreserved skeletal myoblasts

Item Units Catalog# Price
Cryopreserved human skeletal myoblasts 0.5 x 106 cells SKB-F $400.00
Cryopreserved human skeletal myoblasts, LEAN DONOR (BMI <25.0) 0.5 x 106 cells SKB-F-1 $894.00
Cryopreserved human skeletal myoblasts, DIABETIC Donor 0.5 x 106 cells SKM-D-F $894.00

Skeletal Myoblast Media

Item Units Catalog# Price
Skeletal Muscle Cell Differentiation Medium 500ml SKM-D $114.00
Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth Medium 500ml SKM-M $114.00
Cryopreservation Medium 100ml SKM-100 $152.00

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Human Skeletal Muscle Myoblast Manual (pdf)

A comprehensive list of products and prices can be found at Retail Prices(.PDF).

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