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[–]ServerGeek 141 points142 points ago

It's been great watching them meltdown over the last few days.

This will either go down as one of the worst social media blunders by a company, or the most genius. All depends on how their business goes over the next few months.

[–]Sir_Fancy_Pants -90 points-89 points ago

or another example of Reddit going too far and someone killing themselves

[–]ButterThatBacon 77 points78 points ago

Reddit has nothing to do with this woman's problems. She and her husband have run a dishonest, thieving business for years and are getting called on it in a very real way. I don't hope the woman dies, but she deserves any misery coming her way.

[–]SomeGuyWithABoner 5 points6 points ago

Oh fucking boo hoo! She is a business owner and as consumers, people have a right to ride an unethical business like hers out on a rail. She's a shitty person and since people have caught on, she and her husband deserve every ounce of criticism.

[–]Sir_Fancy_Pants -1 points0 points ago

indeed telling people to "kill themselves" because they run a bad restaurant and are obnoxious is the very measure of reasonable and sane

fucking idiot

[–]SomeGuyWithABoner 0 points1 point ago

I said criticism, not encouraging them to commit suicide. Although, those people will always be on the internet regardless and you can't hold people who are merely commenting and observing the shitstorm accountable for their actions.

[–]ServerGeek 13 points14 points ago

Oh please. You can't pin this one on Reddit. That lady is clearly insane and reacts extremely negative to any type of criticism. Evidently, this has been going on long before they filmed the show, or Reddit came into their lives.

Plus, she is still alive and acting bat-shit crazy.

[–]prozit 2 points3 points ago

These two killing themselves wouldn't be much of a loss, they're both narcissistic at the very least and possibly sociopathic.

[–]PhonyUsername 4 points5 points ago

I don't think it's limited to reddit. Also, I don't think she would be terribly missed.

[–]MonsterIt 2 points3 points ago

Is Reddit, yelpers and the general masses on facebook.

and at this point, its become the internet as a whole.

[–]PhonyUsername 1 point2 points ago

Don't fuck with my Gordon Ramsey.

[–]Mr_Evil_MSc 8 points9 points ago

So, she should kill herself..?

I mean, i'm not judging, but perhaps we're dropping the standards for capital punishment dangerously low...

[–]brazen 7 points8 points ago

judge: "You've been convicted of not being terribly missed. I sentence you to death by shotgun to the face."

[–]PhonyUsername 1 point2 points ago

Her deciding to kill herself isn't the same as others forcing her to kill herself. Or do you think she does not have a choice?