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asking a girl out

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I think just being a woman and having to get guys to leave me alone would be hell. Unless I turn out ugly and there's a sound chance of that happening.

[–]RangerBoomhauer [score hidden] ago

and men aren't harassed at all?

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Walking in heels - it looks painful and awkward and difficult but holy shit does it make my ass pop.

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I tried my ex's once. For 5 minutes, I was fabulous.

[–]AlsoTheyReallyDo [score hidden] ago

Same here...which is why I knew about all that in the first place. Every step I thought I was going to die -- I also tried a stiletto and it was like all of that plus walking on your toes. Didn't get to check my ass in that one but I did the 'tuck' and leaned forwards pushing my chest together. I mean, who hasn't?

[–]Mikeahya [score hidden] ago

I don't know. But I think we may be transvestites.

[–]AlsoTheyReallyDo [score hidden] ago

Which one is that? The one where you still have your original parts but pretend you don't for fun or where you actually want to be the other one? Not that I really care because my ass is still poppin' like Mary.

[–]Mikeahya [score hidden] ago

; D I'm thinking Eddie Izzard mate : just chuck on a dress when you're doing the housework or heading out to get some milk.

In all seriousness I think Transvestism is just clothes.

[–]AlsoTheyReallyDo [score hidden] ago

Well shit is that the official term for "cross-dresser" then, or is that still something else like when a guy just wears women's panties but male clothes, otherwise? Shit's complicated. I just want to feel sexy sometimes.

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Get up off the floor and stop laughing - you know I look good.

[–]Mikeahya [score hidden] ago

I'm just not willing to commit to the lifestyle yet man - you're gonna have to blaze a trail without me. ; D

[–]cyanocobalamin [score hidden] ago

Being even more evaluated by the way I look.

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Mandatory military service or fear of being drafted (depending on where you live).

[–]CairyHunts [score hidden] ago

Easiest 4 years of my life.....Go Chairforce.

[–]uhhokaysure [score hidden] ago

Being drafted. Mostly because I have a lot of guy friends in their mid-20s who had trouble coping with being in war and now have PTSD.

[–]mostlynein [score hidden] ago

Pain at childbirth and periods. I prefer commas.

[–]persepolisp [score hidden] ago

Virginity culture. Growing up feeling pressured to give my virginity to that "special man" instead of just being experimental and having fun.

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[–]SuperKamiGuru34 [score hidden] ago

Rape affects both genders. It's a human issue.

[–]RangerBoomhauer [score hidden] ago

Agreed. It was a really sexist thing to say, assuming /u/AquaNexus is a male, because both genders deal with horrid rape.

[–]OmniscientRogue [score hidden] ago

Still, most victims are female. Men can go out late without fear of rape; a lot of women can't.

[–]ackshunpact [score hidden] ago

Having to look my best and work harder for the same opportunities.

[–]adiposeodium [score hidden] ago

So your a girl?

[–]Emotional_Rapist_ [score hidden] ago

When I was younger I used to thank god I wasn't a boy because inserting the penis during sex sounded too difficult.

[–]Parker_ [score hidden] ago

It's not that hard, you aim, thrust and hope for the best.

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It's not that hard

[–]OranjeLament [score hidden] ago

Yep. There's your problem right there.

[–]persepolisp [score hidden] ago

I still have trouble getting mine in there, and I'm a big ol' slut.

[–]CairyHunts [score hidden] ago

Putting on makeup. I have a hard enough time keeping my balls clean.

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Being unable to express my emotions.

[–]adiposeodium [score hidden] ago

Or having none to express. Except for RAGE.

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That clown from IT

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Child support if a condom "oopsies"

[–]KawaiiCabbage [score hidden] ago

Keeping my feelings in

[–]littlekidsarethebest [score hidden] ago

Having a dick

[–]parallexter [score hidden] ago

Boner in public.

[–]freedomsong85 [score hidden] ago

Well, it would suck to be the one who was expected to kill the spider in the shower. But really, I would be more afraid of that moment I've heard about with the 'classic' classroom boner. :(

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I would actually love it! See I'm a girl so it's like I can just get the guy pregnant and not have to actually have the baby. Oh I get paid more? But I would be scared of all the Victoria secret commercials. Balls EVERYWHERE!!

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You can pay child support and alimony and work harder in order to get paid more.

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I'd be scared of wearing a tie. It just looks so strangling-y

[–]ackshunpact [score hidden] ago

Ties are fine, it's the shirt that strangles. Like getting choked by a really weak guy.

[–]ImAjustin [score hidden] ago

ya gotta not button the top, pull the tie all the way up, it makes it much, much better. It looks as if the top button is buttoned, but just make the tie cover the bnuttons.

[–]fotdthrowaway [score hidden] ago

Ah, Mitch.

[–]TheModernViking [score hidden] ago

Ties are awesome. I look so much classier.

[–]parallexter [score hidden] ago

I like bow ties.

[–]Sherlockiana [score hidden] ago

Bow ties are cool.

[–]SuperKamiGuru34 [score hidden] ago

It pretty much like wearing a noose until you get used to it. Now I look forward to having a reason to wear one.

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Not being able to wear makeup and clothes to suit my shape. No makeup, regulation guy clothes? I'm used to being told I must tailor every single thing in my physical appearance. Leaving it up to chance? Terrifying.

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Don't understand. I am a guy, and I buy clothes that fit me well, because that way they look best.

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Killing spiders and other bugs.....