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So on Reddit is Feminism just a word for whatever we feel like, at this point?

Feminism: A perfectly baked loaf of bread served to families on Thursdays

Feminism: The sound a tree makes falling in the forest when no one is there to hear it

Feminism: A type of non-Euclidean geometry favored by followers of Cthulhu for their underwater temples

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They've got it all wrong. My ultimate goal is both the rights and responsibilities of a cat. Children have responsibilities like having to wear clothes, learn multiplication tables, not slap people who bug them, clean up their toys, and go to bed at a predetermined hour. And men are still somewhat limited in their rights to deviate from those things. I just want to nap in the sun all day and yell at people to bring me food. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!?!1

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Feminism: The belief that women should have the rights of Egyptian cat goddess Bastet and the responsibilities of housecats.

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The women engaged in music, song, and dance on their way to the place, great sacrifices were made and prodigious amounts of wine were drunk, more than was the case throughout the year. [1]


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omg r u me

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Well naturally they've come to this conclusion after reading the broad introductory material on the subject and some history of Feminism and then reading the works of the most influential feminist authors? Wait, they didn't? They read a guy's blog and cracked articles? Well okay then.

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Sadly, Cracked articles are more feminist than 99% of reddit.

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Cracked can be pretty damn feminist sometimes. I remember a year or two ago I think it was David Wong who wrote an article that spelled out every way in which it is not as easy being a woman as you think (I can't really remember but that's what I took from it anyway), people were pretty divided but still way better than most of reddit.

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And the article about how shitty female comic characters were drawn and depicted. That one rustled a lot of jimmies. And the one about how movies teach men to expect women as a reward.

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And the one about how movies teach men to expect women as a reward.

That's the one! I remember him making a point about ugly male and female characters in sitcoms and what there perposes are, and I remember it being really clever, but I can't remember.

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Women don't want responsibility.

Now here's why child support is tyranny, and being held accountable for your words is the death of free speech.

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I also like the implication that rights you have should always be dependent on your responsibilities. In which case your average redditor should have none at all.

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Yeah what was up with that whole "women in the workforce/women voting" thing? Seems really out of place given that feminists fight so hard to keep women cloistered and absolved from all social responsibility.

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Didn't you know, we just wanted the "I voted" stickers and the opportunity to accuse men of sexual harassment... so much fun!

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As a woman, I find this statement to be absolutely true.

It's going to be a white Christmas after all.

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For some reason the fact that this is upvoted, not the sheer number - just the fact that it is upvoted, makes me more upset than the original comment. I just...r/news...just I used to read that sub, it was not nearly as bad as is now. And now I'm just sad and disappointed in everyone.

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This literally happens whenever someone posts some problematic comment-

1) Gay guys talk so weird [+243] 2) I'm a gay gay and I agree [+31]

1) Women are so materialistic [521+] 2) I'm a woman and I agree [287+]

1) If only black people pulled their pants up, all their problems would be solved [+1035] 2) I'm a black person and I agree [+632]

It's sad that sometimes oppressed people try to be 'better' than the other members of the group like this

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I just assumed that the dingus that posted the first bigot comment logs out and logs back into "BlackGuyThrowaway" to respond with "I'm black and I agree!"

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Golly, what a well informed opinion this person has. Clearly they have formed it through close reading of modern and historical feminist works as well as plenty of discussions with people who identify as feminists.

Or they pulled it completely out of their arse based on misinformation and what everyone around them says. But I just can't decide which one of those is more likely!

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MRAs: believing that women should have the rights of children and the responsibilities of men.

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I feel like this doesn't get said a lot lately, and I think it needs to come back.


Seriously. Before I found this website, I never knew it was so common for people to be so terrible.

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Right? Now whenever I see a puppy on /r/aww I'm just wondering what kind of horrible person owns it.

Also, your comment inspired me to be creative. I call it 'Sic, Semper, Tyrannis'.

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I don't know what any of these strange words mean :*(

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Reddit delenda est = Reddit must be destroyed. Background.

Sic, Semper, Tyrannis = Thus always to tyrants. Background.

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aah i probably could have guessed that haahaha


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No problem! When somebody makes a reference to Roman history in Latin I'm pretty sure it's OK to ask them what they're talking about.

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I call Casca.

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Remember, when Redditurds/Mens' Rights Advocates say "Responsibility," they mean child bearing. They actually think that having sex and bearing their children is are womens' -RESPONSIBILITIES-.

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Also like, getting paid less, and being sexual objects for their visual consumption.

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Feminists are just a bunch of man-hating female supremacists. Also, they believe women are incapable of handling responsibilities.


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beep boop

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doesn't even make any sense. the comment under it "as a woman i agree, women are scum!!" ok. k . ok.ok

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Guess it's time to unsub from /r/news too. Love the brigading too.

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Feminism: I have no idea what this word means

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are they even trying anymore?

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The word "Feminism" has become so loaded and pejorative these days....almost on par with "terrorism" where no one really knows what it means but it stands for everything evil and unholy in the world so I hates it!!!

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[source needed]

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"Feminism: The belief that women should have the rights of men and the responsibilities of children." [+120]

In reply to /u/chaunky on "Two college students (male and female) have sex. The next day the woman writes to the man: "I had a wonderful time, but I'm sorry I led you on, I'm not ready for a relationship". One year later: She files a charge of "non-consensual sexual contact" through the college disciplinary system.":

Apparently women are children, and therefore not responsible for their actions. Give it 10 years, and there will be rallies to keep women from getting DUIs.

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Feminism: The belief that women should have the rights of men and the responsibilities of children.


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i guess this is what happens when the only sources of feminism people pay attention to are Sarkeesian and Big Red.

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"the rights of men"

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Wats going on in this subreddit can someone explain? Not sure if this is trolling or serious social commentary or some meta-circle jerk thing or what