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Already sent it to our mod mails. I've blocked and removed them best I can. I would recommend everyone to block him NOW, so he doesn't have a chance. He's already tried to do it to me. And "insult" me on Twitter.

Edit: /u/Meepysheep too. Both are banned from both subreddits, but please ensure you have blocked them both first as a preventive measure. They are more than likely the same person.

Edit 2: Also, Frankly, I'm already sick of dealing with these type of things on both /r/DoctorWho and /r/Gallifrey. I've got 2 mock exams and a real exam this week, along with several other things to do. I can't put all my time into this whole thing this week. So, as far as I'm concerned, if people break these rules (ie. ask/give link to leak or spoilers) and I notice it, instant ban. Already warned twice about it. Mistakes can always be revoked later if need be. :)

We're also looking for some temporary mods. If you're interested, please send us a modmail, and we'll see if you fit in. We would also be considering a new permanent mod. Woah. OK. So far, about 12 people have messaged us. That's enough for now, thanks!

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He just PMed me after I posted in this thread.

Edit: I just blocked him. User beware when posting in this thread.

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He just got me. Joke's on him, because he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

What a jackass.

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A fake torrent of Name of the Doctor was uploaded to TPB under the username JakeWarternberg, someone that the Twitter user MsMeep_Sheep accused of being a child pornographer. The same account has been spamming spoilers for the episode in caps.

As DW seems to be the current project of choice for trolls, and they've gone as far as to upload a fake torrent, I'm sure we can expect more reddit posts and PMs from day zero accounts all this week. Remember to leave a comment yelling and crying a lot if you see these posts so they can get their satisfication. Otherwise their complex planning will feel like a waste.

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I dont get it if the torrent is fake how are the spoilers real?

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Due to the episode being in some people's hands already, spoilers can be found easily online. While these people are faking torrents because they don't have the episode, it's easy for them to search for spoilers and retweet them over and over.

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Ahhh i see. I guess i just didn't understand that leaked doesn't always mean downloadable. Thanks.

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Thank you, based mods.

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Right on man. Messing up a spoiler tag is one thing but purposefully posting or sending spoilers is cruel. I'm glad you're getting tough with the ban hammer. Thanks for helping to keep this place clean.

Edit: And just like that i get an message with spoilers. Please be sure to block with RES.

Edit2: I'd love to help out, already messaged mods.

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Motherfuck, clicked on his username for some reason (typical aimless clicking away) and read the spoiler. Goddamittttt

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mod message sent (I think..). Hope that I can help out! :)

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Well done to all the mods in dealing with this - this really sucks for you guys :( All the best in your exams.

Can anyone tell me how to block users? I've tried before and can't work it out, I've also googled it but can't find anything.

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Thank you, and the other mods, for doing such a great job. I've not seen any spoilers yet - at least unwittingly!

Good luck in your exams!

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what a cock.

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Typically, I'd downvote this, but I honestly think this sums up all of our thoughts exactly.

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I hope the Tenth Doctor catches him on one of his pissy moods and puts his ass on a mirror for all eternity.

Also screw you, I didn't fall for it! I never get any PMs anyway so it was obvious (I don't have any friends sob)

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There, there. I'll be your friend!

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Well look at that, now you have at least two, good sir / madam

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  1. Install Reddit Enhancement Suite.

  2. Go to his profile page.

  3. Without reading his comments, find the header of a comment, and click the icon directly to the right of his username. (Test it out first in a regular comment thread, just so you know the icon you're looking for.)

  4. Click Ignore > Yes

You won't see anything more from him. When he posts a comment in a thread, you'll see a message about the comment being blocked. You can click the sentence to view the comment if you want. You can also tag his username with an identifying description (e.g., "this guy trolls Doctor Who spoilers") and color code it. Do this with all trolls you've had a run-in with and you'll avoid many future conflicts.

Important: The troll will still e-mail you the spoilers. If you have tagged him with a long description and made it an ugly neon lime green (or whatever), you can safely open your e-mail and see it's the troll and avoid looking at his comment. The comment won't be obscured, but the color coding tells you to not read it.

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You can take RES blocking one step further. In the RES settings there is a switch for "hard ignore" which will hide even the "comment made by ignored user" box.

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By email I assume you mean reddit PM. I'm just going to avoid my reddit inbox until the weekend. Thanks for the thorough instructions.

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Yep I had the same thing. I saw like a quick line that said "THE DOCTOR" and looked away in horror. Luckily did not see anything else :)

EDIT: I should add, the post in question was in all caps. It also seems as though the same message is being sent to multiple people. Likely a copy and paste. For reference, the post starts with "THE DOCTOR'S", and is roughly 10 lines of text, again all in caps. It is also signed with the person's twitter handle (I assume, as it starts with an @ symbol). Hopefully this will allow folks to avoid it if they get a similar message in their inbox. I honestly only saw the first two words of the post, so there's not much more of a warning I can give to folks.

Hope this helps.

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I'm not particularly averse to spoilers, but I wouldn't give much credence to anything someone named /u/n1gg3r_chr1st had to say on any subject.

(User linked for quick and easy user ignoring without having to visit his profile) :)

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I clicked on that and either you trolled me or it didn't work, because I saw about four words that I didn't want to see.

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I guess it's a RES feature. I have a little tag next to everyone's name that I can use to tag or ignore without having to go to their profile.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

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Yeah... I can't use that on my Android tablet. Oh, and right after I made that comment, the asshat spammed my inbox.

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Same happened to me, damn it.

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Posted this so anyone with RES can block these users without having to risk seeing any comments they have made.

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How do you block him? Do you just have the mouse over their names and then press IGNORE?

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This is happening in /r/HBOGameofThrones, too. Some people have no life.

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Right? How come these kind of people never have decent names? Bunch of tweens thinking the use of the N-word makes them edgy or something.

Anyway, I'd suggest people just be careful in general. At least in my experience, private messages are a rare thing on Reddit. So if you receive one, just be cautious of the contents. Thankfully when I received mine I was really busy, so I just glanced for key words(yay reading skills!) and quickly realized what the message was before reading any of the content.

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Chances are that they have specific troll accounts separate from their regular ones.

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Doesn't a private message just show up like an orangered comment reply? (it's possible I've never received one either)

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Yes and no. It shows up as an orange-red, but when you click your little envelope you'll notice that the subject line isn't a link. So, for instance, when you receive this, above all this typing I've done you'll see a link back to the original post. When you receive a PM it's just a black subject line like 'Hey!' or 'Doctor Who Spoilers'.

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Ah, good to know! I think I've had about one ever in that case, and that was just inviting me to a new sub.

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I favor capital punishment for all those who spoil the episode.

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I talked to him via PM's on here after I made a bot comment on another thread- he is apparently insulted that I implied that he might be a bot. lol

He's also saying he's got a lot of usernames, so I guess be prepared for his shenanigans with this, but he's definitely reading these threads on here.

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but he's definitely reading these threads on here.

Yeah.....I noticed that too.

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He really has no life if he has to do this sort of thing. xD

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i saw it happen as well its been sent to nearly everyone on this subreddit luckily i only saw a tiny bit which il probably forget

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Yup. I stopped reading from the first line.

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same it was the top line to only blinked it will be forgotten by saturday

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Got a message for him this morning. Already reported and blocked him and went through his account and reported every post with a spoiler he's made. This is the worst kind of scum.

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I already unsubbed from /r/doctorwho and /r/gallifrey for the next week. I only browse them directly, since he or she or it won't send me anything if I'm not on them. I only browse them directly too, to stop myself absent-mindedly clicking front page links.

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If you use Twitter, you might want to block that user, without the underscore in the name. He's doing the same on twitter also.

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I accidentally saw the spoilers when I blocked meepysheep so be careful.

No big deal, I won't let it ruin my fun.

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What is the spoiler for? The series finale?

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yes, some troll bastard looking to ruin things.

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Crap. That's awful, I think I'll just stay off the internet until Saturday.... haha, yeah right

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best way to stay safe.

there are warnings on on both /r/gallifrey and /r/doctorwho about trolls and Wikipedia (and other wikis) having details posted already.

sit tight, 4 more days.

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That's mess up

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Most people in this sub probably already know what happens anyways, so the joke is on him

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Also, The_big_NC is the same person

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I got this pm, didn't read it though because it was all in caps and obviously contained spoilers, but thanks for the heads up.

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yeah i remember when i was 12 years old and that kind of thing was funny

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I was also tweeted spoilers by him.

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I want to know the spoilers.

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Soilent Green is people.

It was Earth all along.

Bruce Wayne IS Batman

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No... Bruce Wayne? It all makes sense now...

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Snape kills Dumbledore

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Dr. Grant chooses not to endorse the park.

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Everything you think took place inside that hospital actually took place in the mind of an autistic boy looking at a building in a snow globe held in his hand.

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The kids help E.T. escape the feds and he goes home

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Then Elliott and his friends are kidnapped by evil aliens and try to contact E.T. for help. No, really.

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But why did it all end in a church!?

[–]TheShader 1 point2 points ago

I get the reference you're making, but I was continuing the line of 'How it ended' with my own reference ;). Although mine was actually a double reference referring to Popular TV show minor spoilers

Link of second reference

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Go to their user pages.

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Soy lent Green is made of people.

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Moffat here. Deal is off; No Matt & David video.

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liar, it's either going to be on youtube or in the complete series 7 boxset

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No, that'll be totally a different one that we shot before the blu-ray leak. It just so happens to also feature Matt and David.

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I didn't think it was ruined. I actually like the spoilers.

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Good mindset. None of the rumored spoilers out there, even the somewhat true ones, have captured every significant and awesome aspect of the finale and 50th.

It's like making a paragraph-long spoiler for The Bible. You can't possibly reveal every major facet of the tale adequately.

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I get that. Since other commenters were giving spoilers to movies, i thought i'd post a link to a website that revelas the ending of almost every movie made

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The answer to the question which must not be answered is.....47

Thanks for all the fish

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