10 May 2013 02:37

This is Thin Privilege

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The school I work for is currently working on getting together their staff appreciation gifts. The gift each worker will get this year is this very nice candy dish with a few pieces of chocolate inside. Now, this school is massive- over 100 candy dishes need to be decorated with a ribbon and given a few pieces of candy. Needless to say, the school needs SEVERAL bags of candy.

Today, I was helping out with the gift project when we ran out of candy. I volunteered to go to the store to pick up more bags. Keep in mind that I’m dressed nice (since it is a school), and I have on my Employee ID Badge (which is on a rhinestone studded lanyard around my neck). When I went and grabbed several of the bags of a specific kind of chocolate, people were actually glaring at me.

I heard a few people mutter about my weight and how ‘disgusting’ I was for getting so much candy. I mean- it literally felt like everyone in the candy aisle was appalled that I was buying multiple bags of chocolate. Feeling slightly embarrassed, I decided to do self-checkout, and even then- the person overseeing the self-checkout lanes was looking at me like I was some disgusting blob. 

I don’t think anyone thought, “Oh, this person is probably buying the chocolate for the place she works at.” They just looked at me like I was going to take 9 bags of chocolate home and stuff my face. =(

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  1. kittykillall said: That’s all they think anyone that is fat ever does. FUCK them. Seriously.
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  3. ddlen7 said: what the fuck, there are SO many reasons people buy chocolate in bulk. But of course those reasons are only applicable to thin people