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[–]selfhatingmisanderer [score hidden] ago

I'm completely with you!

a) MRAs are extremely white as a group

b) There is a huge overlap between MRAs and white rights / white nationalist groups that seems to only be growing larger

c) Many MRAs hold that view that people of colour are more privileged than white people because of reverse racism and affirmative action and political correctness or some shit like that

d) MRAs don't actually do shit to help people of colour

e) They just appropriate the struggles of black men when it is convenient so that they can try to justify their beliefs that they are somehow oppressed

[–]Sir_Marcus [score hidden] ago

The Men's Rights Movement is a reactionary conservative group. The ones that aren't consciously racist (and a lot of them are) are totally ignorant of issues of race.

[–]marrowwealth [score hidden] ago

In most cases, yes.

The problem with the current Men's Rights movement that third-wave feminism avoids is the lack of consciousness for intersectional issues. It's been noted that the MRM has a significant cross-over with the white rights movement, and that's really important when considering this.

The major problem is that, in general, the MRM tries to focus on statistics and direct readings of those studies, and completely forgoes social sciences, which gives you the tools to actually understand those studies.

Anyway, the MRM is made up mainly of white, middle-class men who don't recognize classism and intersectionality. They try to use issues like the Central Park rape case as a prime example of their concerns when you can pretty much directly attribute the incarceration of the men to classism (they were all poor, so easily scared by police) and racism (they were all black, which fit into our cultural narrative). Pretending it's a men's issue doesn't solve anything, just deepens a divide between reality and solutions.

[–]fughdui 0 points1 point ago

Because black men are men, so their problems are lumped in with "mens" problems? I don't think I've ever seen a MRA say these problems are bigger for white people (because they'd be wrong) but they are true statistics if you remove color from the equation.

[–]Duke_of_Fedoras[S] 0 points1 point ago

They are mostly white.

[–]fughdui -1 points0 points ago

Group of mostly white people trying to get help/raise awareness for mens problems is cultural appropriation because those problems are worse for black men? So white people are stealing black peoples problems so they have something to complain about, despite it being a gender issue rather than a race issue. I'm not even sure what to say to that because it seems pretty ridiculous to me, maybe someone else can weigh in.

[–]Duke_of_Fedoras[S] [score hidden] ago

They are privileged white males yet they pretend to be oppressed by stealing black men's issues. Therefore saying that only white males face those problems.

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